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Special Tailoring

We provide bulk and commercial tailoring services at reasonable rate for your convenience. Our main tailoring hub is located in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia, empowered by dedicated and trained local staffs to manufacture all your tailoring needs. We accept orders and delivers worldwide.

We understand the restriction of budget and exclusiveness of new designers collection. Hence we also accept orders in small volume. From a minimum of 30pcs per design, you can manufacture your own collection at discounted tailoring price. You can mix sizes and fabric design/colours to achieve the minimum order quantity.
We can also assist in fabric sourcing & packaging should the client prefer an all-in services.

We also suggest our NEW DESIGNER PACKAGE for a hassle-free all-inclusive way to produce your own fashion collection.

We are also capable of tailoring 1000-5000pcs of T-shirts, Traditional Apparel, Children Wear and Fashion Apparel per month, for a very attractive cost. We have tailoring contracts with reputable clients in Malaysia. Please inquire us should you need this service for your collection. An annual contract agreement can be arranged.

We also accept orders for breast pads, bra (nursing bra/maternity bra/normal bra), girdle, corset and sportswear. Clients may custom their design, size and color according to their preference and we will get it done. The minimum quantity for this type of order is 1000pcs per design.


We offer 3 range of stitching quality for your collection - Normal Standard Quality (at medium price and finishing quality), Boutique Quality & Bulk Quality (minimum quantity per design 200pcs and above). You can choose which quality suited your budget and collection, we will get it arranged for you. Boutique quality will have better finishing and will cost slightly higher than our normal standard quality. 


Our pricing will depends much on these parameters:

  • Complexity of design
  • Quantity per design
  • Fabric to be used for each design
  • Stitching quality
  • Sizing (Standard/ Plus size / Free size/ Children etc)
  • Any other requirement (if any).

Need further information? Do contact us for details