Busana Sampler 2021 - Tailor small batch for sample purposes
Busana 2021 Re-Order Package & Production Only Package

A package tailored for all needs. A hassle free option, get a complete apparel in your own brand delivered to your doorstep. Be guided in producing your own collection.

Interested, or need further information? Please do contact us for details:

Email: tailoring@blinglustre.com

SMS/WhatsApp: +6016-3222 760 

Please provide us:

1. Your Details: (Name. Contact No, Email & Current Location)

2. Package that you are interested

I Want to Know More About Busana Package 2021

Below might answer some of your questions:

Q: If I am interested with a package offered, then how to proceed?

A: If you have decided to enroll in any of the packages offered, please email/WhatsApp us your detail (Name, Contact No, Current Location) & state the package that you are interested. We will reply with the details.

Q: How long it will take to complete the package?

A: Usually about 1-2 months from enrollment. Most of the time will be needed for bulk tailoring of the design, brand label production, hang tag production etc. The package is completed once the customer receive their completed garment. :)

Q: How about the package payment? Am I need to pay in full or is there any flexi payment offered?

A: We would love to receive a full payment, but should the client need time to come out with the total package fees, we can accept payment in 2 installments. To confirm the enrollment, we will first invoice you 50% of the package charges. The enrollment is only deemed confirm once the deposit is received. The deposit will not be refunded if the customer terminate the enrollment at any time afterwards. Balance 50% of the package fees will be invoiced upon commencement of fabric purchasing. If the customer fail to settle the outstanding balance after the final notice, the enrollment will be terminated and we are not liable to proceed with any outstanding services included in the package.

Q: What is the flow/procedure?

A: Upon signing up, we will schedule the customer for consultation, in order to get more pictures on their intended collection, fabric choices, price range, selling price and all the essentials of starting a fashion lines. We will have a discussion to clarify all the issues that the customer might have prior to starting their own fashion lines. Customer will then prepare their final design for production & the artwork for brand label & hang tag. We will then proceed to produce the brand labels and hang tag, since this might takes between 2-4 weeks to complete. We will then proceed to inquire our suppliers on the type of fabrics chosen by the client. This process might takes between 2-4 weeks especially if the fabrics needs to be ordered. Upon completion of the garment, we will packed them according to the customer's preference & finally courier the completed garment to your doorstep.

Q: Can i provide my own fabric?

Yes, definitely! You are most welcome to provide your own fabrics. If that's the case, you can just opted for our ala-carte services instead of package. Choose only service/s that your collection need/s.  :)

Q: Can i change any item included in the package? let say i don't like the fabric labels and would like to opt for metal instead?

Yes, you can for some features. Just shoot up an email to us or WhatsApp/Sms to our mobile.

Q: What about the design - do I need to give my own design or select from your catalogue?

We don't provide or propose design to our client. But we can always advise on current trend/design if required. All designs will be provided by clients. We will just tailor them :)