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ScriptoryBox - Pusat Sehenti SOHO

Posted by Khairina on Wednesday, July 6, 2011, In : Scriptory Box 

Usahanita Berhubung di Scriptory Box

ScriptoryBox adalah pusat sehenti SOHO yang menawarkan pelbagai khidmat seperti pengiklanan, latihan, networking dan sebagainya. Belajar ilmu perniagaan, mulakan perniagaan dan kembangkan perniagaan anda di ScriptoryBox. Hubungi Puan Kay 016-3222760 dan Puan Lyna 012-2811136.

Antara usahanita yang sedang giat melebarkan sayap mereka ialah:

BlingBuubies - Pn.Kay
Shaklee Trial Pack - Pn. Lyna & Pn. Hadha
Sentuhan Bayu - Lily Bajuri
Camtal Tailoring Services - Pn....

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1st Anniversary of Bling Lusture @ FameKids Launching

Posted by Khairina on Thursday, May 26, 2011, In : Bling Lustre 

Alhamdullillah, Bling Lustre has been operated 1 year long. We are very proud of what we achieved today. We will continue our efforts dedicated to championing the concept of SOHO in Malaysia. Some celebrities and artists such Salina Saibi, Mirwana, Nawar Anisah, Jack Dzul and Najlah was came to celebrate our great event and launch the support group of FameKids. We also got full support from the press which are RTM, Sinar Harian and Nur. 

FameKids is the group support for "special kids" with di...

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We've successfully launched! - Thanks everybody!!

Posted by Khairina on Tuesday, June 8, 2010, In : Scriptory Box 
Alhamdulillah! Our greatest gratitute to the Almighty for Him, we have successfully launched our new SOHO, gallery, shop, gathering place, training center and my beloved home - all-in-one, on 9th May 2010!

Great team of dedicated mom from Mom Bloggers Planet who really contributed their mind, effort and time to assist us to hold the beautiful event. Great turn-outs from families with children that have great time participate in the events carefully planned by 1Superkids and MBP.

We are humble...
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Grand Opening of Wisma Bling Lustre

Posted by Khairina on Wednesday, April 7, 2010, In : Scriptory Box 
We are proud to invite all readers to our Grand Opening on 9th May 2010. We have scheduled the day to be in conjunction with Mothers Day celebration. Do come to our opening. Bring your families along!

We have scheduled events specially for the day. There are promotional booths from biz mothers, family day events, auto detailing promotions, Scriptory Box events discounts and many more activities for your children. Free of charge!

Interested to attend? RSVP to us via


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Shoppagift Special

Posted by Khairina on Friday, February 19, 2010, In : ShoppaGift 

Our latest Online Venture!

Shoppagift is a place for plush toys, soft toys, gift ideas, gift box, and many more occasional gifts..
Coming to you in March 2010!

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Conteng-Conteng Launched!

Posted by Khairina on Saturday, December 12, 2009, In : Conteng-Conteng Online Gallery 

We proudly welcomes our latest online venture - Conteng-Conteng.Com

Conteng-Conteng is an online gallery aimed to publish children's artwork from around the world. It was borned out of our deep interest in children's artwork. Children and parents can now submit their artwork (anything originated from the children's own imagination and hardwork) to us so we can publish them in the website FOC. This website is not for profit making, it was created to foster family bonding and enhance the cre...

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2009 Year End Closeout Sale @ Chantek-Chantek

Posted by Khairina on Saturday, December 12, 2009, In : Chantek-Chantek Ladies Accessories 

Hello Readers!

15% Discounts for ALL ITEMS puchased from Chantek-Chantek.Com in December 2009.

FREE postage to ALL DESTINATION in Malaysia.

Brooch, Hijab Pins, Hijab Clip, Bracelet, Earrings, Ring, Necklace, Gift Box and Much More!

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Ramadhan & Syawal Sale @ Chantek-Chantek

Posted by Khairina on Wednesday, September 16, 2009, In : Chantek-Chantek Ladies Accessories 

We are offering 10% discounts for all BROOCH & BUTANG BAJU MELAYU purchase from Chantek-Chantek E-store throughout Ramadhan and Syawal 2009. We also offer 10% and 5% discounts for every AUSTRIAN CRYSTAL BRACELET and PEARL BRACELET purchase within September 2009.

More info:

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Bling Auto Care is now in Putra Heights

Posted by Khairina on Wednesday, September 16, 2009, In : Bling Auto Care 

Full story:

Alhamdulillah, we finally manage to spread our Auto Care Outlet to Putra Heights. Our operation commences on 15th September 2009 with full commitment to elevate its performance to a greater heights.

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About Bling

Bling Lustre Bling Lustre is managed by team of dedicated mothers who share the same passion for exquisite accessories, baby and children products, ladies apparels, delicious foods, and excellent services. From our initial incorporation until now, we are operating from home, fully embracing the SOHO concept in Malaysia. Therefore, our gallery and office are located in our beloved home. In order to reach to our customers, we are a frequent in carnivals, flea markets, and kiosks in most of shopping haven in Klang Valley. Besides, we fully utilize the web and technology so we can further interact with our customers, hence expand our wing globally. Read Further: