We proudly welcomes our latest online venture - Conteng-Conteng.Com

Conteng-Conteng is an online gallery aimed to publish children's artwork from around the world. It was borned out of our deep interest in children's artwork. Children and parents can now submit their artwork (anything originated from the children's own imagination and hardwork) to us so we can publish them in the website FOC. This website is not for profit making, it was created to foster family bonding and enhance the creativity of the children.

Children now have better option to showcase their artwork besides in their classroom, on kitchen's fridge or in their bedroom. Now they can share their artwork with readers around the globe. Hopefully Conteng-Conteng will be the place of choice in submission of artwork. (we really looking forward to it).

We welcome submission of paintings, sculptures, origami, handicraft, sand art, textile art, paper art and other branch of art from children's and parents. For details, please visit our website~